How difficult is to work with landing pages?

Let me tell you first that there are 2 clear and basic types of landing pages: The one that make people click to another pages, and the one that capture their data, mainly, for marketing purposes. Working with them is not that hard. Really! But please make sure these few tips are present and these reasons are taken into account.

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Types of pages and Why do you need to know their differences?

These two pages are known as "Click Through Landing Pages" and "Lead Generation Landing Pages" respectively. You can search online those 2 terms to learn more about what each one does, especially for your business.

Why do you need to get familiar with their differences? Simple! It will help you draft clear supportive content and carefully select images, links and any aditional features, resource or material that will not only boost your page but make it an effective one.

An effective landing page drives traffic and get results. Your role is very important in here because you're the one who knows what you are expecting to do with those pages and need to have a way to meassure those results.

Every element you'll be using on your main landing pages should have a purpose. Since you have a vision, an objective, and even a target market for those pages, it is critical your elements are laid out nicely, your message is expressed directly, and your users and visitors are "guided" properly to take the intended actions.

4 Things I would suggest you Remember

Have Responsive Designs in Place

Be aware of the devices most people are using today- learn to take advantage of it.

Use Awesome Features and Elements

Choose your images, colors and even funnels carefully. Study why are you using them? Are they serving your pages correctly?

Have a Clear Purpose for the Page

Write down what you want to do with that landing page, and make sure you stick to that purpose. It is so easy to get lost - I know!

Write and communicate with Emotional Styles

Most of the time you get better results when you share your messages with specific emotions. It also shows you care.

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